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The Artworks at Marriott Waters 

There are over 20 original pieces of artwork scattered around Marriott Waters Shopping Centre.

Commissioned by Villawood Properties, these sculptural pieces were designed and created by Tasmania based artist Folko Kooper

One of the sculptures is created from stone; this is the wombat that sits in the terrace area of Coffee Barn.

There are some bronze parrots, perched on branches, positioned on the canopy edges, also at Coffee Barn, as well as a flock of bronze parrots, also perched on branches, sitting towards the front of the Aldi building.

The remaining pieces are created from steel and they get better as they weather. The sculptures can be found at the front of the centre, thoughout the car park, perched on the edge of buildings, along the steel walkway near Aldi, and don't forget to look up in the airlock of the Woolworths foyer too!

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