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Gluten-Free at Marriott Waters

Gluten-Free at Marriott Waters

Gluten-Free options at Marriott Waters

We understand that it can be difficult living with a food allergy or intolerance. So, to celebrate International Coealic Day (16 May) we've compiled the best spots for TASTY gluten free eats at Marriott Waters. Enjoy!

Brian’s Gourmet Meats

Not only has Brian's Gourmet Meats been voted the Best Butcher in Melbourne by the Herald Sun, but they're also the first butcher in Australia to be accredited by Coeliac Australia.

We reccommend the beef swiss rolls with sage, onion, parsley, gluten free bread crumbs, baby spinach, Swiss cheese, herb, chilli, garlic glaze. Yum!

Shop the full premium range of gluten free beef, chicken, pork, wines, beers and marinades for home delivery at or pop in-store to see the friendly team.

Read their gluten-free story here.

Earthy Eating 

Earthy Eating are proud to offer a delicious and healthy range of gluten free menu items (plus vegan and vegetarian). Try their house-made gluten free granola with coconut yogurt, strawberries and banana served with honey or maple syrup on the side. See their menu.

A Bite in Time Café, Bar and Restaurant

A Bite in Time have a selection of gluten free treats, from mini cheesecakes, to slices to macaroons. Enjoy them with a hot drink, or a gluten free option from their menu.


All of Burgur's beef and grilled chicken burgers are gluten free. Simply ask in-store to swap for a gluten free bun (or choose the option when ordering online) and you've got yourself one tasty meal.   

My Spicery

My Spicery has a huge range of gluten free goods to explore. From flours, to millets, to delicious gluten free roti. They also have a premium range of Indian sweets to top it off, making it a gluten free paradise!

• Flours
o Chestnut Flour
o Buckwheat Flour
o Chickpea Flour
o Rice Flour
o Amarnath Flour
o Potato Flour
o Tapioca Flour
o Udad Lentil Flour
o Sorghum Flour
o Maize Flour
o Soya Flour
o Millet Flours (Proso; Little; Barnyard; Kodo Millet)

• Millets
o Proso Millet
o Little Millet
o Barnyard Millet
o Kodo Millet
o Kambu Millet
o Foxtail Millet
o Finger Millet

• Ready Flat Bread - Gluten Free Roti

• Snacks
o Deep Ratlami Sev
o Deep Papadi
o Deep Fafda

Did you know that Woolworths is Coeliac Australia's supermarket partner? As part of this partnership, Coeliac Australia members receive 5% off a selected Gluten Free product list.

Shop in-store for an ever-increasing range of gluten free products and recipe ideas that are always full of flavour. Just ask the friendly staff to direct you to the gluten free area.

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