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Have you met Erin, Madi & Tiara?

Have you met Erin, Madi & Tiara?


As the salon owner and educator, Erin leads the team with integrity and respect, taking pride in assisting and molding her staff members craft.
With extensive training both locally and internationally and over two decades of experience, Erin has been involved with prestigious salons across Melbourne and throughout her career has managed numerous salons as well as being a salon educator, training apprentices and qualified hairdressers.
True to her title, Erin pushes the boundaries directing style in a way like none have before. Her cuts, sharp and bold or soft and seamless, are sophisticated yet edgy. Meticulous by nature, this director’s creative expression is limitless as proved in her success throughout her career.

Madi- Senior Stylist + Advanced Color Specialist

The salons quiet achiever, Madi is eager to make sure your hair is spot on. From a blunt edgy cut, to a soft balayage she has all basis covered. With a quirky personal style, and already garnering a strong following, Madi will taylor a style so you leave feeling amazing and part of the salon family.

 Tiara- Junior Stylist + Principle Make up Artist

A truly dedicated professional to her chosen craft, Tiara has advanced her hairdressing through persistence, hard work and her own natural ability. It is as a member of the Zarr Hair team that she has truly flourished. Her passion for hair and Make up reflect in the high quality work she constantly produces.


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