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Have you met Jules, Scott & Brodie?

Have you met Jules, Scott & Brodie?

We would love to introduce to you three of our amazing butchers that are all our “right hand men”.

Jules who has been with us pretty much since day one. He has also worked with Brian over the years in other butcher shops and has great knowledge about organic meats, making salami and has become famous for creating our Betroot Burgers! He loves to make sure every child gets a lollie pop!

Scott is probably our biggest character, too much laughing can only be a good thing! Scott ran his own butcher shop for many years and has a great understanding of the retail and business side and has a great passion for cooking if you need any meal ideas. If your kids are getting restless send them to Scott he will play with them for hours.

Finally Brodie is our new apprentice, he is in his fourth year and is very passionate about presentation, he is already telling the boys how it should be done and keeping them on their toes.

We call him King of the Spits after putting so many spit meat orders together over his first Christmas with us ( we thought he might run away).


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