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Have you met Steve?

Have you met Steve?


For those who have been coming to Subway at Marriott for a while know that there is something quite special about this restaurant.

We would love to say it’s the great fresh range that Subway is famous for. All those fresh veggies on a bread baked in the store with a great selection of proteins. Or the new Falafel veggie option.

But I think is because since we opened 5 ½ years ago we have won so many awards for our friendly customer service. In fact, one year we took out the award for best customer service for the whole of Victoria and Tasmania.

Or maybe it’s the good coffee at a great price ($3.75 for a mug size).

But one of our customers did say its because we care

Both of us as owners have been in business for quite a while and we have built a repour with a lot of the regulars. Patrick has a knack of remembering a large variety of orders while Steve makes it his task in life to make customers feel very welcome. Staff are trained to very high standards and are happy to go that ‘extra mile’ when it comes to customer service.

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